Xiaomi along with the Mi Band 3 and the Mi Smart TVs also launched the next iteration of Air Purifier — the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S, at its Smarter Living event in Bangalore, India. The Mi Air Purifier 2S is a successor to the Mi Air Purifier 2, that was launched in India two years ago.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S features a circular shaped OLED display on the front which shows the indication of PM2.5 levels, temperature, humidity levels inside a room. There’s a real-time AQI display with an ambient sensor that allows the device to automatically adjusts the brightness of the OLED display to the ambient light.

Under the hood, it is equipped with 360-degree three-layer filter with an activated carbon, which can remove the harmful (≥ 0.3 μm in size) particles present in the air inside the room such as Allergens, Benzene, Dust, Formaldehyde from painting works, pollen, cigarette smoke from surroundings , Thanks to the high precision laser particle sensor.

The Mi Air Purifier 2S sports a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310 cubic meters/hour, with an effective cleaning area of around 226 sq. Ft. – 398 sq. Ft, which is the same as the Mi Air Purifier 2. There’s also a night mode option which allows the purifier to perform the function silently with noise levels minimizes out at 30 decibels.

For smarter living [IoT], the purifier has integrated with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so that you can command it with just your voice and it can also be paired with the Mi Home app for controlling the device remotely. The purifier consumes only 4.8 W of power during night mode, while on normal mode the power consumption is 31 W.

Pricing and Availability

The Mi Air Purifier 2S is priced at Rs 8,999 and is available via Mi.com, Amazon, and Flipkart online since September 28, 12 PM onwards. It will be available at Mi Home stores and offline retail stores soon, across India.

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