After a long wait is over now, WhatsApp — the popular messaging application is finally available for Jiophone and Jiophone 2 users. The company has built a new version of Whatsapp to run on KaiOS operating systems.

The brand new whatsapp for JioPhone is available for download in the JioPhone app store starting from September 10,2018 and it will be rolled out to all JioPhone users by September 20, 2018. Interested users can download WhatsApp on both the JioPhone and the JioPhone 2 by visiting the AppStore and clicking on download.

Key Features:

This version of Whatsapp comes loaded with almost all the features, as like Android or iOS.

  • Send and receive texts, photos, and videos
  • End-to-end encrypted,
  • Create and send the group message,
  • Record and send voice messages with a couple of taps on the keypad.

Note: It won’t have Augmented Reality features and stories-styled statuses, which is present in the Android and iOS had.

In order to get started, JioPhone users only need to verify the mobile number before to start chatting with other WhatsApp users one-on-one or in groups.

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