USB drives are more portable, convenient, fast and safe to save and backup data. You can store your preferred data and they are becoming a replacement for CD and DVDs. So, USB drives provide us so many features, what if it can be used to boot operating systems?  It will be awesome, isn’t it?

How to create bootable pen drive for Windows Operating systems


Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool is a hassle-free application to create bootable pen drives and DVDs for Windows operating systems. Windows 7 USB/DVD tool is the first preferred tool to create bootable pen drives. It requires 2 Gigabytes USB drive for Windows XP, 4 Gigabytes USB drive for Windows 7, and 8 Gigabytes for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.Once you have done all the things; then proceed with below steps to create bootable USB flash drive.

Steps to do

Step-1: Install Windows 7 USB/DVD tool on your PC or Laptop.

Step-2: Choose the source .iso image from your PC.Step-3: Select the media type as a USB device

Step-4: Select the pen drive from your PC and click to begin copying

Step-5: Allow it to format and finish copying files

The bootable flash drive creating process may take few minutes, so wait until it creates a bootable pen drive.

Once done, you can safely eject the pen drive to install Windows on your PC or Laptop.

That’s it, now your pen drive is bootable. Reboot and install your windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10 from Pen drive. Another good thing for windows 8,8.1 and 10 bootable drives, as it is same as DVDs you can troubleshoot your OS with them.

Features of bootable pen drive 

  • The data contained on the booting device can be changed and additional data stored on the same device. A user can carry his or her preferred operating system
  • The absence of moving parts in USB flash devices allows true random access avoiding the rotational latency and seek time (see mechanical latency) of hard drives or optical media, meaning small programs will start faster from a USB flash drive
  • The software used to create bootable pen drives are freeware
  • Probably takes less than 15 minutes to create bootable pen drives with your preferred operating system
  • As same as bootable CD and DVDs

Hope you’ll like it! If you may face any problem in creating bootable pen drive then do let’s know in a comment section below !!

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