Duplicate files are the redundant files which are created on your computer. Duplicate files create big trouble for us. They become junk files reducing the free space of our hard disk and performance of our computer. Duplicate files are sometimes accidentally created without our knowledge or you may forget to delete the duplicate file created by yourself. Deleting duplicate files is a tough task if you know the location of the duplicate file it will be easy to delete it but it will be complex if the duplicate files are in an enormous amount and rather it would be more complex if you don’t know the location.

There are several duplicate file remover software available to make this task into simple. They come in both freeware and shareware. But Freeware is probably enough.

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How to find and delete duplicate files

Duplicate files can be removed using Duplicate cleaner free. Duplicate cleaner free helps to find and remove duplicate files. It removes duplicate files in different locations with the same file name, similar filename, same created to date, same modified date and same content. It can eradicate duplicate document, image, video, and audio.

Step-1: Download and install Duplicate cleaner freeStep-2: Select the location you want to search.Step-3: Select the file type you want to find (document, video, etc.)Step-4: Search results will appear.Step-5: Select the file you want to delete.Step-6: Delete the files

That’s all easy to locate and delete files. Be careful while making a selection of files before you delete them.

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You can also try this software Easy Duplicate File FinderEasy duplicate file finder is more advanced than the duplicate cleaner. It can eradicate duplicate file formats audio, document, video, compressed, image and other types of files. Register this software to access all its features.Try this two software save your free space in hard disk up to Gigabytes and increase your computer performance.

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