Many people may think that if their PC is running slow, then it’s time to upgrade their PC it is completely a wrong decision without benchmarking PC performance. Because your PC may be slowed due to in some way by configurations you made or the recent changes in hardware or software made by you. Performing windows PC benchmark test you will get accurate results on your performance of PC.

Running benchmark test checks hardware and software on your PC that is the performance of the processor, Graphics processor, memory controller, storage devices and network. The results help you to diagnose your PC, provides suggestions and reports of analysis. Now the question may arise “How to perform free pc benchmark test?” well the answer is you can do it by yourself with free software. For PC benchmarking there are both shareware and freeware available. You can choose free software to benchmark your PC. We’ll let us take a look at features of the benchmark test.

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Features of PC Benchmark Test

  • Benchmark software can help to stress-test new PCs to measure its maximum performance score
  • Benchmarks can test for sudden critical performance issues by benchmarking you can get suggestion report analyze on performance
  • You can check whether diagnosis you’ve implemented on a system actually speed up your PC or not
  • PC Benchmark test is free and you can do it by yourself

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Things to do before benchmarking pc performance

There are a couple of things you should do before to perform benchmark test. Since benchmarking eats lots of RAM close all the programs. So, that CPU able to survive the stress of the program to perform the benchmark test successfully. Make sure each peripheral is configured on your PC and working in a good state.

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How to perform free pc benchmark test?

Let us see the method to perform free pc benchmark test. There are several free software for benchmarking PC performance. Si software Sandra is the most preferred one.

Si Software Sandra – Perform free pc benchmark test

Si Software Sandra is a free software used for benchmarking pc performance for free. It runs benchmark tests on hardware and software. It runs several tests on storage disks, processor, virtual machine, memory controller, network, operating system, and software. After completion of the test, it rates the overall performance of PC with a score. Be patient until benchmark test completes because it may take more time than you expect. Make sure all of the peripheral connected to PC is configured and working in a stable manner. If they are not then stress applied during the test may malfunction it or your PC may get shut down in the middle of the benchmark test.

Features of Si Software Sandra
  • You can add or delete modules before benchmark test
  • You can test the stability of computer
  • Get the complete information about PC
  • You can monitor computer environment
  • You can create a report about your computer performance
  • You can get suggestions from the menu analysis and advice

That’s all you can now able to perform free PC benchmark test. Hope you’ll like it! If you have faced any problem then do let’s know in a comment section below !!

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