We all know Android and iOS are two major mobile OS platforms.So you’re choosing between the Android OS or the iPhone OS (iOS), then you should first decide which features and functions are most important to you. Now I’m going to explain 11 key differences between Android and iOS that helps to choose which one.

Android vs iOS

Here are major Key differences between Android and iOS!

1. User Interface

Since 2007 iOS user interface is pretty good and the apps have rich look. But Android has evolved over a period of time since 2008, from a dull interface to material design.
When it comes to ease of navigation and quick settings Android has an edge over iOS. On Android, just by swiping down you can access quick settings. But on iOS, you need to navigate to Settings. Seems iOS is also concentrating on quick settings access from iOS 11.

2. Customizations

Android is a lot more customizable than iOS. There are launchers, themes, icon packs available in Google Play with which you can completely customize your Android smartphone.On iOS, customizations are limited unless it’s jailbroken. The sad part is the majority of the iPhone users even don’t change their default ringtone.

3. Performance

As an Android user, my smartphone screen freezes and the device gets heated after heavy usage. But I didn’t hear any such complaints from iOS users. Also, app crash ratio is less on iOS compared to Android.

4. File Transfer

Literally, you can transfer any file between your PC and android phone just by connecting via USB or bluetooth. But You need iTunes to sync music, videos, and photos to your iOS device.

5. Apps

Both Apple Store and Android Google play have more than a million apps. Every App on App Store goes through verification so you don’t find spammy apps or apps with disturbing ads.There are many spammy apps on Google Play. But Google has now started verifying apps. So now you can see Verified by Play Protect badge.

6. Software updates

Both iOS and Android gets major updates every year. Almost 90% of the iOS users update their iOS to the latest version.But due to various manufacturers and their custom Android, only less than 10% of the Android users receive the latest OS update. This is one of the reasons why Android users switch their Android device once in every couple of years

7. Devices

Only iPhone, iPod and iPad run on iOS whereas there are thousands of devices running Android because it’s an open source software. There are hundreds of companies manufacturing Android smartphones.

8. Personal Assistants

Android is powered by Google Assistant whereas iOS has Siri. Recently Google Assistant has been introduced to iOS users but you have to manually open it.
On Android just by saying Ok Google you can activate Google Assistant. Google Assistant is more powerful than Apple Siri because of massive Google search database and AI.

9. Security

Even though Android apps seek permission for accessing features, Android is more vulnerable to threats because there is no proper verification process for the published apps which is present in Apple App Store. However, Jailbroken Apple devices are prone to threats.

10. Availability

As said earlier Android is an open source project so wide range of options available in Android devices. Whereas iOS is only featured in iDevices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.

11. Price

Latest iPhones always cost you more bucks thus it’s a premium smartphone. Whereas on Android you have basic to budget to high-end smartphones for all sections of people.

Now, You’ll know major differences between android and ios.Hope, You all like it !!

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