Having temporary issues with computer’s internet connection and you need a backup connection? Need internet connection during travel without a wireless broadband modem? Need to use Wi-Fi on your PC or Laptop which doesn’t have Wi-Fi hardware enabled? Okay if you have an Android Phone with internet connection (i.e. mobile data) it is possible to overcome all issues which I mentioned above.Yes, you can share android Phone internet to PC. There are 3 ways to share android device internet to PC. Let see what the ways are,

1. Turn your android device into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot

The first way is to share internet to PC via Portable Wi-Fi hotspot of your android device.

  • Simply Go to settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot > Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. You can see Network SSID and security. You can change the network SSID and password as per your wish. It is recommended to use a strong password for a secure connection so that others can’t steal your data.
  • After setting up Wi-Fi hotspot go back and Select Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Now Turn on Wi-Fi in your PC and connect to the network by entering your password.

That’s all now you can surf the internet on your PC.  But some devices don’t have Tethering & portable Wi-Fi hotspot then how to turn your android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot? Now you can try third party apps to do this. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot app will help you.

2. Share Android device internet via USB Tethering

The second way is to share internet to PC via USB Tethering. In a first way, there will be no problem with your PC or Laptop may have working Wi-Fi enabled Hardware. What if the computer doesn’t have Wi-Fi hardware? — You can’t access Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and you can’t access any Wi-Fi Networks. Before going to into the solution this trick will also help you in this situation. Let’s say you are in a place where you have Wi-Fi Networks available to access where your PC doesn’t Wi-Fi hardware so you can’t use Wi-Fi on your computer. Now with this trick, you can make use of your Android device to access the Wi-Fi.

So, we have USB tethering as a solution for this. All you need is USB cable additional for this and make sure you installed the required drivers for your Phone in PC. You can get the drivers from Official websites of your Mobile Phone or Tablets.As usual, enable Mobile data. Setup Wi-Fi hotspot as usual. Connect the Phone to PC via USB Cable. Then select USB Tethering. It may take some time if the driver needs to get installed. After these process, your PC can access the internet.

  • To connect Android Phone to PC via USB Cable.
  • Then, Go to settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot > select USB Tethering.

Now you can surf the Internet on PC, with this trick you can access Wi-Fi from computers which don’t have Wi-Fi hardware.

3. Share Android device Internet via Bluetooth

If you are able to connect your phone and computer via Bluetooth then this trick will work. I’m not sure whether this trick will run on devices running below Android 4.0. Bluetooth tethering comes as an inbuilt feature for devices running Android 4.0 and above. All you have to do is to set up Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and turn on Bluetooth tethering.

  • Connect Phone and PC via Bluetooth.
  • Now go to devices and printers. You can able to see your Phone. Then right-click on your Phone and then select “connect”. and also do on the phone,
  • Go to settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot > select Bluetooth Tethering.

Now you can able to access internet on your computer.

Hope you like it ! and Stay On for more updates !!

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